This documentary is so timely. Not because of the two celebrity suicides last week, but because. A year ago it would have been timely. A decade ago. Four hundred years ago when our ancestors jumped to their deaths instead of existing in bondage. I think about daily stressors for Black people, (which is a very […] […]

Many gems were dropped this weekend at 4:45, a conversation and art exhibition. The theme was the state of relations between Black women and Black men with back burner influence from The Carters'(Bey and Jay) upcoming tour and their past albums: Lemonade and 4:44. Although I’ve yet to listen to either album, I like how […] […]

KARLIE POWELLJULY 3, 2018 For the producer or music enthusiast who wants to dissect the “entire DNA” of any given track — this Shazam-style app will be your new best friend! A groundbreaking update to the WhoSampled app will allow its users to identify the original track being played out, while also revealing any related samples, […]

This video is a look at the Orchestra Hit – a sound that was ubiquitous in the 80’s. But it’s also a look at how technology and chance work together in strange ways to shape music…. via This History Of The Orchestral Hit, Or Stravinksy Does Hip-Hop — Synthtopia

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