To all you aspiring artists out there, we see you making moves! That’s the reason we created this music submission page. If you’d like to submit your music to be featured, do it here.

Our aim is to make the process easier for everyone, so while completing the form below, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Music submissions are always open.
  • Submit a maximum of ONE song per day. Even if you’ve got a hard drive full of BANGERS.
  • Soundcloud or Youtube links only.
  • Do not submit the same song within the same week. Any duplicates will be automatically deleted.
  • No freestyles, or lyrics over licensed or copyrighted beats. We approve original material, including production. Also, be sure to credit your producers accordingly.
  • SPAM will not be tolerated. Attempts at flooding our system will lead to disqualification and banned accounts.

Our submission period is always open, and songs are selected weekly by our team of editors.  Every weekend, two songs will be selected and featured on the homepage. Good luck!


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